Credit ratings

The credit rating institutes Moody´s and Standard & Poor´s have during the year confirmed the municipal City’s strong credit rating. The City’s credit rating from Moody´s has since 2006 been the highest possible, Aaa, and from Standard & Poor´s since 2007 the next highest, AA+. Both ratings have stable outlook.

The ratings facilitate the City’s access to the Swedish and international capital markets. Factors emphasised as positive in the analyses are predictability in economic development, a dynamic local economy with stable outlook, strong financial control with flexibility in the budget in relation to the outside world and good liquidity preparedness. Among the risks mentioned are investments in both the company and committee sectors that affect the degree of indebtedness.

Released calendar for rating reports:

Standard & Poor’s:

September 2019 Standard & Poor´s affirmed the city’s rating, AA+ with stable outlook. The rating has been unchanged since 2007. Please see the report below:

S&P Research Update Sep-2019

June-19-2017 – Standard & Poor’s first Green Evaluation report on the City of Gothenburg green bonds issued in June 2016 published. City Of Gothenburg Receives First Green Evaluation For Municipal Green Bond, With A Score Of E2/67.

Green Evaluation Standard & Poor´s 2017-06-19


August-30-2019: Credit rating agency Moody´s once again affirmed the city’s rating, Aaa with a stable outlook. The rating has been unchanged since 2006:

Moody’s Credit Opinion 2019

May 31, 2016 Moody’s Highest GB1 Grade Assigned to City of Gothenburg Green Notes Offering Pressrelease–PR_349755