Corporate governance

The City Council makes the supreme decisions in Gothenburg. Under the City Council is the City Executive Board, which leads and coordinates the activities. The City Management Office is the administrative arm of the City Executive Board, helping the City Executive Board to carry out its duties.

Decisions can also be delegated, which means that the decision-making right is transferred to someone else (the delegate). The City Council may instruct the City Executive Board to decide in the City Council’s stead in a certain matter or a certain group of matters. However, certain decision-making rights lie within the City Council’s exclusive decision-making area and may not be delegated.

The City Executive Board may instruct a sub-committee, a member or deputy, or an individual municipal employee to decide on behalf of the City Executive Board in a certain matter or group of matters. The City Executive Board has overall responsibility for all the activities of the City Management Office.

How decisions are made, what may and may not be delegated, can be read about in ”City Council and City Executive Board delegation of power”. The document can be found on the right (only available in Swedish).