Lackarebäck water treatment and purification filters


In 2009, the former Board of Gothenburg Water Committee decided to implement the project ” Lackarebäck ultrafilter and expanded production capacity .” In May 2010, a decision was made in the City Council to sanction the investment cost amounting to 700 million in 2009 price level .

Brief description of the project and location of the project

The project involves expansion and redevelopment of Lackarebäck waterworks where 8 new carbon filters are built ( an addition to the existing formulation process ) and construction of an entirely new process in the form of ultrafiltration membrane (UF ) membrane . The project aims to expand the production capacity of the well to improve the microbiological barrier effect to significantly reduce the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks. Ultrafilter is expected to improve the barrier effect of > 6 log reduction of protozoa (eg Cryptosporidium ) and > 4 log reduction of viruses. UF is an independent microbiological barrier – which means a good barrier effect even during disturbances in the operation of the other process steps. UF plant at Lackarebäck water plant will be the largest UF plant in Scandinavia – it is a unique engineering projects in Sweden .

What is going on right now?

Existing Stage 1 ( annex North ) keeps the works being completed , while installation / mounting of the VA process equipment (pipes , pumps, carbon filters and ultrafilters ) continues until mid- 2014. After that the commissioning of the new processing plant parts. In Stage 2 ( annex South) is the concrete foundation to be erected . The new standby power and switchgear building is completed and commissioned . Construction works is broadly on schedule – with the commissioning of Stage 1 in December 2014 and Phase 2 in October 2015.


Electric cars

Gatubolaget has purchased a number of electric vehicles for city committees and companies . The goal was 100 electric vehicles in the city fleet by 2015.
Already on Tuesday, December 10, 2013, Gatubolaget delivered the 100th electric car to the healthcare team in Angered.

About Gatubolaget

Gatubolaget is an environmentally conscious company that works professionally with sustainable development and the urban environment in focus. Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly vehicles and transport solutions to departments and companies in the Gothenburg City to create a clean and road town . The company is working with quality assured environmental transport and investing in a range of environmentally friendly services – in line with the City’s orientation towards sustainable development and demands that environmental issues are emphasized in all activities.

Electric cars

Introduction of electric vehicles is the focus of Gatubolaget. In 2013, the company delivered electric car # 100 to the city committee in Angered. Thus, the City Council’s goal of 100 electric vehicles in the city by 2015 have already been fulfilled. In connection with the introduction of electric cars, Gatubolaget has got four quick charger for electric cars, the last of those coming into place in 2014. Gatubolaget believes there is scope to change most of the city’s passenger car fleet to electric cars.


  • Large-scale production of biogas
  • Effective – high efficiency in production and utilization of waste heat for district heating and electricity
  • Flexible – can tolerate variable quality of raw material
  • Platform for the development of industry and college

Expected impact results

When the plant is in full production, delivery will be 800 – 1 000 GWh, equivalent to fuel for between 80,000 to 100,000 cars.


GoBiGas project aims to gasify wood raw material for the production of biogas that will be distributed at existing gas grid . The project is divided into two stages with a demonstration plant as the first stage and then a commercial facility that second stage . The first phase is designed to produce 160 GWh / year , equivalent to fuel to about 16 000 cars in years , and the second phase is scheduled to produce 640 to 800 GWh / year. The project is run in close collaboration with both academia ( Chalmers ) and suppliers ( Valmet on Lundbystrand , Gothenburg).
For GoBiGas project’s first phase started excavation work in 2011 and installation in 2012. The facility is now completed and commissioning is underway. In 2014 , the plan is to get the demonstration plant in continuous operation for evaluating technology choices , function and performance . In parallel with the execution, a major focus was placed on participation in various fora to improve the economic conditions for the production of biogas.
Prior to implementation of the project’s second phase, it’s required the technology and performance to be verified in the demonstration plant , and that it is financially viable for the implementation of a commercial project by for example higher financial reward of biogas compared to fossil fuel alternatives. A government inquiry “Fossilfrihet på väg” has just been presented which aims to provide opportunities for substantial increase in biofuels and with a positive reception of this , the economic conditions for production of biogas would be substantially increased.