The Group

The City of Gothenburg has direct and indirect interests in a large number of companies. Some are wholly owned, others are partly owned.

The Gothenburg City Council has the ultimate owner responsibility and decides among other things what companies there will be, appoints boards and lay auditors, decides on owner directives and so on. Most of the borrowing consists of transactions with the Finance department, which serves as the internal bank function within the City. The Finance department has guarantee commitments with the City companies. The City stands surety for loans and for certain pension obligations.

Göteborgs Stadshus AB (Stadshus AB) is the parent company of all the wholly and partowned companies. All shares are owned directly by the City of Gothenburg. The majority of companies are arranged in seven different sub-groups or clusters according to policy areas: Energy, Housing, Commercial Premises, Business, Public Transport, Port and Tourism, Culture & Events. The regional companies and companies that are internal service providers to the City’s companies and administrations are directly subordinate to Stadshus AB and are grouped in two separate clusters. Boplats Göteborg AB has temporarily been placed directly under Stadshus AB pending a review of the operation.

Please read more in City of Gothenburgs Annual Report in the left menu here: Financial reports